Class of 1978

Class of 1978 40th Reunion List of Registered/Paid Attendees to date (does not include all those whom confirmed they’re attending but as yet have not paid) as of July 7, 2018.

Please note that due to Fire Department regulations we are limited to 250 attendees at the Bernardo Winery venue. So get your paid registration in soon so you’re not left out of all the fun. Registration Ticket is $85pp and increases to $95pp on July 1, and then $100pp at the door (subject to space available).

Richard Abate (2)
Ron Akers
Debra Aland-O’Toole (2)
Jonathan Almond
James Anderson (2)
Charles Arnold
Patricia Arnold-Chapman
Daniel Barr (2)
Mark Basnight (2)
Keith Bauer (2)
Allison Betourne
Kerry Brace-Campi
Thomas Brown
Frank Brtek (2)
Lisa Caballero
Brian Cantor (2)
Kevin Carlson
Margaret Carpenter-Dittemore
Stephen Castiglione (2)
Gretchen Collins-Taylor
Pam Conner-Snyder (2)
Deanna Coombs-Jackson
Michael Corey (2)
Steven Cosio (2)
Brian Crouch
Jeff Cyr
Diane Darley-Munoz (2)
Jane Deters-Arnold
Donna Devine-Wallace
Dawn Dickstein
Steven Dissinger
Erin Doherty-Karnetsky (2)
Sean Downs
James Downs Jr. (2)
Scott Flaming (2)
Stephen Forbis
Tracy Fosburg-Lawrence (2)

Andrew Gellens (2)
Linda Gilson-McAllister (2)
Glenn Godwin (2)
Aimee Griffin-Munnings
Anne-Marea Griffin-Tangee
Cynthia Griggs
Jeffrey Guentner (2)
Bill Guth
Karen Hansett-Olson
Ricki Hervey-Aquino
Deanna Hopkins-Christman (2)
Jacqueline Johnson-Manley (2)
Rick Johnson
Marwan Kashou
Matthew Kesner
Stephen King (2)
Janet Kylstad-Coulon
Stuart Leitner (2)
Michelle Leon-Ritchey (2)
Duane Lester
Raliegh Levandowski
Gary Leyva
Victoria Luntzel
Janice Lynn-Cook (2)
Joe Martin
Angus McColl
Glenn McCormick (2)
Jeanne McKee-Nelson
Michelle Millsap-Kinley
Michael Mohr
Laura Mooney-Allen
Deborah Morales-Partow
Marianne Morales-Mclean
Sonia Moreno-Bauer (2)
Charles Morgan (2)
Alec Naliboff
Patrick O’Connell (2)
Veronica Ona
Carolyn Orrantia
John Osborne
Robin Palmer-Nelson
Traci Penix-Havey (2)

Larry Perna
Eric Peterson-Allen (2)
Wanda Petty-Davenport
Andrew Poat
Vince Provenzano (2)
Steve Ramrus
Donna Reed-Burba (2)
Christopher Reynolds (2)
Susan Riley-Barbiasz (2)
Glenn Ritchey
Evan Riter
Jacqueline Rinden-Gammal (2)
Tony Romero (2)
Vera Sabatini-Moore
Margaret Sartain-Hembree
Marc Sattler (2)
Kurt Schaubel (2)
Jeffrey Schindler (2)
Daniel Schumacher (2)
Debra Schutte-Cross
David Serrano
Steve Sharamitaro (2)
Michael Siebler
Carla Stoner
Susan Snyder
Bob Taylor (2)
Margie Teaze-Cooper (2)
Gaylee Thompson-Deminger (2)
David Truby
Lore Vega-Hynes
Wanda Von Preissig-Law
Michelle Waldman-Goodwin (2)
Ed Wilson (2)
Lynn Witherspoon
Robert Wolford
Jerelyn Wright-Biehl
Laura Wright-Gordon
Jill Yoggerst-Drew
June Yoggerst-Richards

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