The Fifth Annual Patrick Henry Patriot
Alumni Golf Tournament & Reunion BBQ

THANK YOU for the wonderful comments!

Thank you for a great day! My dad and I had fun, despite the sprinkles. I recognize how much effort it takes to produce such an event. Very generous of you to give so freely of your time. I love the way you cleverly made a multi-class reunion into a fund raiser. Brilliant!
Lynn Aaberg

Great job! First time we made it to the tourney and had a blast! Thank you for all the hard work. Looking forward to next year already.
Tony Maturani

I just wanted to say you did a great job in coordinating this event. This was the first I have been able to attend since our 5 year reunion. It was great to see so many friends from long ago. I know there are so many moving parts in putting together an event like this and takes a great deal of your time and that of your volunteers. Many of us take for granted all of the effort. I just want to thank you.
Ken Hubbs

I just wanted to say thank you again. You obviously put a lot of work into this tournament and it really showed. The golf was not painfully slow, the band and cheer leaders was a great touch, the sponsorships, the amount of auction items, even the food was good. Bottom line….well done! You and the other class of 78 volunteers did a great job.
Glenn Bennett

The tournament was AWESOME! Thank you to you and all those who put the event together. Great venue, great food and beer! What could any former PHHS student ever want!?! Please keep me in mind for next year's event. I've got a house in Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast near Panama (Puerto Jimenez) I'd be willing to add to the list of auction items. Lots of fishing, surfing, spa and eco tour activities to do. Again, GREAT job on the tournament and after party. I'm sure there will be many more alumni that will want to participate next year!
Chris Johnson

Tony, Steve, Dave, and I had a great time at the event! You and the all the folks involved in putting together this event should be most proud of your accomplishment! Please pass on our hearty congratulations and thanks to all involved. Please enter us into next year's event!
Carl Robbins

Thanks again for making the effort for all of us. Had a great time, caught up with folks I haven't seen in years. Please let me know about other functions, also. As my schedule is different from the norm, it's hard to get to things. Keep me in the loop if possible.
Larry Grano

Thanks for the putting such a great tournament together. Had a great time and the course was great. I plan on playing there again very soon. I had to leave early...
Tom Anderson

Thanks again for all your hard work. I can tell you that I play in a few tournaments sponsored by law firms and or the local legal bars (San Diego Bar, Orange County Bar etc.) and would put your first annual in the top of the field. The location was great, excellent food, selection and caliber of gifts/raffles was superior, great cause to support(my son swam for Henry and know swims for University of Alabama-Roll Tide!) fantastic opportunity to get reconnected. Great day, great time!
Steve Lowe

I just wanted to personally thank you for the incredible job you did and say how great it was to see the participation. I suspect you're already thinking of next year and I'd be happy to help in whatever way I can. Everything was first class and as a participant, it was a great experience. Thanks again. GREAT JOB!
Bob Goerlitz

Thank you for an awesome day. It was great to reconnect with some long lost friends (even your You and your team put together a first rate event and I'm sold on attending, what will hopefully be, many more Patriot golf tournaments.
Brian and Cheryl (Unkefer) Mathiasen

Congrats on a success of the tournament! Everyone I talked to was so impressed with the organization of the event, the choice of location and the great food. You should be be very proud. It was a hit on every level. Can't wait till the next one. Who knows, maybe next year I'll even pick up a club and try some of that golfin' stuff....of course everyone will have to wear helmets :0

Alas, I did not meet you but I did ask two or three times to have someone point you out. Always the reply, "I just saw him and he's over there I think." Anyway, I owe you a beer or Starbuck's when we finally meet. Please tell all your planning committee that I realize it was tons of work but I know personally that it was "way more fun" than I ever imagined. Kudos to you all. I will be there next year.
Sam Turner

I would like to personally thank you for all your hard work putting on such a great event!! You should be very proud of your achievement, I know we are all proud of your leadership and execution. You're a class act!
Michael Murphy

With proof like how could not have fun! We had a BLAST! Thank you for making such a successful event beyond your wildest goals!
Brian Crouch

You all pulled off an impressive event! The amount of energy and effort that you all put into this is impressive, the event was very well done. From the small details, all the way on up you guys really pulled it off. I got more than my share of thank you's for my part, but as we all know time is way more valuable than money and you guys put in lots of time. People really had a good time. Very well done. Thank YOU!
It was also great to see you all! Great job!
Steve Weber

Great job yesterday. No doubt, fun was had by all. You're the man and most folks said this was better than a reunion.
Mark Basnight

I wanted to say another "thank you" for an amazing effort on your part in putting together yesterday's program. I really had a great time (for not even being an alum!) and it appears the tournament was a big hit. The money you helped raise for the school will go far and help many who are in need. I hope your leadership will inspire others for years to come. As a member of the Patrick Henry SSC, I look forward to having other opportunities to work with you in the future. All the best,
Doug Glass

Just wanted to give you props for a job very well done. Seems like things went off really well.
Dave Dilday

I just wanted to say Thank you & Great Job on the entire event!!!!!!!!!!! You can count on me again for next year!
Craig W. Hauenstein

Great event yesterday. Congrats on the turn out. Thank you for all your hard work putting it together. Count me in for next year.
Mike Sernett

WOW! just delivered the "gathering of the year"!!! Sorry I missed you.....both of us were very busy. It took me over an hour to get my meal many of "my guys" stopped by to reminisce. You enabled me to go back 40+ years with the guys that created these memories. I want to hug you and say....THANKS !!!!!
Coach Russ Leslie

I am so proud of the golf tournament, and it was wonderful to be part of the greater Patriot Family. What a fantastic event in support of Patrick Henry High! Our school will be better for it.
Pat Crowder

GOAL: To have FUN, reconnect with fellow PHHS Alumni from 1969 to present, meet new friends, network, and help raise money for: Senior Night College Scholarship Awards, interior furnishings & fixtures for a newly approved on-campus Community Performing Arts Center (, the PHHS Engineering Design Academy and Patriot Athletics.

As we estimate there are 43,000 PHHS Patriot Alumni. This golf tournament is restricted to the first 250 paid players (125 or so per course). Golf participation limited to PHHS Alumni, parents, teachers & administrators (past and present), sponsors and guests.

Sign-Up Deadline: Monday, October 2, 2017.

Community Performing Arts Center (artist's rendering)

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