Patrick Henry High School Alumni Association, Inc.
2018-2019 Directors

Kevin J. Carlson, Chairman/President
Scott Flaming, Vice President
Rick Johnson, Treasurer
Karen Gilbert, Secretary
Mike Nokes, Director
Marla Mohr, Director
Mike Rinehart, Director

Major Fund Raiser:

Alumni Golf Tournament & BBQ Reunion, proceeds of which fund Patriot Henry senior night scholarship awards, engineering academy, athletics and the newly approved Patrick Henry Arts and Media Entertainment theatre (PHAME).

Function of the Board of Directors:

The Board meets at least quarterly and is broken down into sub-committees, which oversees the production of fund raisers as well as interact with school administrators and teachers on the need for current extracurricular support.

These sub-committees include:

  • Scholarship: Jeff Schindler
  • Golf: Mike Nokes
  • Engineering: Brian Oliver
  • Social Media: Marla Mohr
  • Athletics: Mike Nokes
  • Auction & Raffle: Leta Keyes
  • Fund Raising: Bill McColl
  • Registration & Payment Processing: Marla Mohr & Deanna Christman

The sub-committees are charged with recommendations for funding and the full Board reviews these recommendations and must approve any disbursements. The Board is careful that the PHHSAA revenues are spent only on needs and capital projects which are unfunded or not normally funded by the San Diego Unified School District.

Board members generally serve a one-year term. All potential board members must be graduates of Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, CA.

If you are interested in volunteering on the board or on a sub-committee, please contact one of our board members listed above via email.

Our 2018 PHHS Senior Class College Scholarship Award Winners were:

Jason Pham
Elise Rappel
and Erica Tolley

Each student received a $1,500 check, the amount and timing of which generally is enough to cover their first year college tuition deposit due in June.

PHHS facility members and parents may download a Grant Request form (see below) and send them to our Board of Directors for consideration in funding a particular need not met by the School District. The Board meets about four times per year to consider and vote on such requests. The Board's decisions are generally based upon the perceived need, how many students and class years are benefited, the overall amount requested and funds available for a overall fund raising year. The Board's decisions are final although Grant Requestors may be encouraged to submit a Grant Request during the next school year.

PHHS Alumni Association Grant Request Form (MS Word document)
PHHS Alumni Association Grant Request Form (PDF file)

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